Solving the problem of waste in the tinting world,
getting all of the colorant out of the can

Tincan Tinting machines have become the backbone of every paint supplier. Painting is more and more a matter of the individual('s) choice.
By bringing colour into their homes our customers have the possibility to express their personal creativity. With the help of your tinting machines, you give the customers a limitless choice of colours. The individual choice of consumers lead to an increased use of tinting machines, which are now the centre of every paint store.

As an expert you will recognize the problem of colorants sticking to the tin can closures. Especially for colorants this is a very serious problem in terms of spillage, waste and economics.
Cleaning the spillage off the mixing mechanism takes up a lot of time of the operators and leads to undesirable environmental and economic effects. Residue in the can causes unnecessary environmental and of course economic waste.
We have come up with the solution, with the development of the "Colorantsaver".