The benefits of the Colorantsaver

  1. No residue in the cans (on the American TT ring) because of our patented system of getting all of the colorant out of the can
  2. No spillage on the spindle of the tinting machine because of our accurate pouring spout.
  3. So, costs are lower in the service centres where the tinting machine is operating(less residue)
  4. Less environmental waste
  5. The production process of the colorant production plants, will be unchanged.

There is no need to change the filling process, nor the packaging because the "Colorantsaver" is supplied separately to the distribution centres.

The procedure in the service/distribution centres should be:

  1. fix the colorant saver
  2. pour the colorant into the Canister of the tinting machine
  3. dispose of the packaging as well the Colorantsaver